Bahar Lighting Tic. Ltd. Sti. was established in 2016 in the field of optics needed by the sector. Our company, which wants to support the sector companies by increasing the number of optical laboratories in our country in limited number, has started its efforts to become accredited by Türkak since the first days of its establishment and in 2018, the optical test laboratory has been accredited by Türkak. Our optical test laboratory accredited by Türkak provides domestic and international services in the field of optics.

Labbee Lighting Laboratories have one Optical laboratory and one LVD laboratory. Labbee Lighting has a team of engineers and technical personnel specialized in the field of lighting laboratories. At the same time, all of the tools and equipment used in our laboratories have been created by using technological and modern devices. Our laboratories are able to keep up to date by adopting the principle of providing quality and correct service to their customers by participating in the comparisons between domestic and international laboratories. Our laboratories continue to be accredited in various scopes in line with customer demands.

Bahar Lighting Tic. Ltd. Ltd. Şti. With its experience and culture, Labbee Lighting laboratories has always adopted the principle of providing quality, fast and cost-effective service to its customers.